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genapatrickThe owners, Patrick and Gena

Villa Destiny is the brainchild of Patrick and Gena Collins.

Patrick and Gena spent many years looking for their perfect slice of paradise. The search took them across the USA, from California to Florida - and then offshore, to the Turks and Caicos Islands. Their excitement mounted when they came upon the Caribbean coast of Mexico. They began to explore the Riviera Maya.

At last they discovered their ecological Eden in the 1.3 million acres of Sian Ka’an. Patrick and Gena undertook the ambitious, multi-year enterprise, of designing and building Villa Destiny. They had to surmount the difficulties of sophisticated development in another country, under a unique set of laws and regulations. And, all in Spanish! Then they had to meet an independent set of stringent ecological guidelines, laid down by the Sian Ka’an authorities.

genapatrickSo why are Patrick and Gena smiling? Because they realized this major life accomplishment - they achieved the dream. They built Villa Destiny and saw it through every last detail of finishing and furnishing.

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